ProPhoto 6 Release Date Set for September 2015

The new Prophoto 6 version has been announced and is scheduled for release in September of 2015. The most important new feature of the Prophoto 6 blog will it’s going to be a responsive website. That being the website/blog will know what size device it’s being viewed on and adjusts the display accordingly.

Another important announcement about the release of the Prophoto 6 Blog is that starting on July 15, 2015 the Prophoto 5 blog which is the current version will have a price drop from $199 to $179 for a new install. Also if the purchase of the Prophoto 5 blog is made after Wednesday July 15, 2015 the upgrade to the new ProPhoto 6 version will only be $20.

As always the Prophoto Blog discount Code for $10 savings on new installs can be found at the link.