Prophoto 6 Alpha Version Released to Developers

After the announcement of the delayed release of Prophoto 6, the new plan was for an Alpha version to make it into the hands of designers by mid October. That goal has been reached, and designers who are members of the Prophoto design network now have the Alpha version to test. The plan is to get as much feedback from the designers and correct errors before releasing a Beta version of Prophoto 6 to a limited number of Beta testers.

This complete overhaul of the Prophoto platform will create a responsive platform for mobile websites using the Prophoto 6 version.

The fine folks at Prophoto 6 release have released some screen shots that highlight some of the new features that Prophoto 6 will include.


Prophoto 6 will allow you to create your layout from any number of re-sizable rows & columns.

Screen shot from the new prophoto 6 wordpress blog template

The creation of widgets has been totally reworked.