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You want quick and easy unique designs?  Many custom templates are available.

Professional Custom Website for ProPhoto websites

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Everything is now mobile, Prophoto 7 features native responsiveness.
Google will find your prophoto blog and index all of your content for better search results.
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Some of the ProPhoto 7  Features

Customize a mobile optimized for Android or iPhone
Retina display supported for any content images
Instagram widget to show your feed
Google Font Integration
Auto Updates will perform task in background
Improved mobile version the works better with the iPad and iPhone operating system
Built in support for ProPhoto Proofing Plugin that is now Available.
If you decide to use Bluehost to host your ProPhoto website, get an extra $30 rebate on your purchase.

What they say about the ProPhoto 7   – Get more bookings for the 2021 Wedding Season & beyond with a new look!

I just love all the design possibilities available with the completely redesigned version 7 – Prophoto provides a simple yet elegant design that’s easy to use, maintain, and configure. A deal made even better with a promo discount – It’s great that the Prophoto6 blog galleries display even on OS that don’t support flash, like the iPad, and iPhone – With the prophoto 7 wordpress  blog theme you get complete customization without the need for fancy code – The new features are amazing. No two Prophoto websites are the same with the easy to use dashboard controls – With the purchase of a ProPhoto 7 site I’ve switched over to a easily customizable  website using the easy to create and maintain non flash ( HTML ) galleries & a static home page that has excellent SEO – The galleries will display on the Apple iPhone X, iPad, and other mobile iOS devices, including iOS 12 with Apple Pay.

Interesting info at – Extra Services 
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Kenny - July 20, 2020- 11:47 AM
The $20 discount code worked like a charm on the new Prophoto 7 blog. Can't wait to get my website customized & online.
Nathan S - June 6, 2020- 6:38 PM
Thanks for the ProPhoto blog code, it was a snap to use for the twenty dollar savings.
Ronnie Jr. - May 12, 2020- 9:19 AM
Thanks for the ProPhoto blog discount, and the instructions.
Eve T. - April 22, 2020- 2:26 PM
Thanks. The Prophoto7 website was everything I hoped it would be. It's even better with a $20 discount code
Cassy R. - March, 12, 2020- 9:21 AM
Two thumbs way up. - Can't wait to customize my Prophoto website and impress new customers.