Facebook Cover Timeline Cover Photo Maximum Size with no pixelization – It’s 851 x 315 Pixels

Now that Facebook is moving it’s business pages to the timeline format, people are scrambling to creating a cover photo for their pages. This has created just one small problem, how big should the cover photo be. The problem is, an internet search gives you two results. One being the 850 x 315 pixels, and the other but correct size of 851 pixels by 315 pixels. The first Facebook timeline photo I created was at the incorrect size of 850 x315 pixels. What happens at the size is Facebook stretches the photo 1 pixel, and you get a pixelated looking cover photo. Once you adjust the size of your cover photo to 851 x 315 pixels the pixelization goes away. Here is an example of a Facebook Timeline Cover photo sized to the correct dimension of 851 x 315 pixels. ( Eight hundred fifty one pixels by Three hundred fifteen pixels )

Timeline cover photo sized to the proper dimension